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Our Mission Statement:
Chi is a collective of qualified patients that legally provides all members of our collective top-quality medical cannabis, edibles, and concentrates in a safe, discrete, and cost-effective method.
Chi understand and connects with patients in their daily lives. From providing top-quality medical cannabis, edibles, and concentrates to handling all of its patient's cannabis questions and needs. Chi has dedicated their extensive experience with marijuana to provide its patients with delivery to every area of San Diego, all year around.
Chi specializes in all-natural, herbal medicine, gourmet edibles, and concentrates. We ensure the highest level of patient privacy and safety, and understand the importance of quality care for each individual member's medical condition and strive to offer these services in a professional, comfortable, and secure manner.

The efficacy of cannabis is directly related to strain selection. Care should be taken when selecting strains that will benefit you. Potency and dosage vary with different strains, conditions, and individuals. Chi's knowledgeable staff are trained to answer all your questions.


Gourmet Edibles provide a great alternative to smoking or vaporizing cannabis and come in a wide assortment of forms. See our menu for the edibles we are currently carrying.


Here at Chi, we take pride in genetics. We have developed our mothers, cloning, and technique over many cycles building a loyal group of followers. All clones guaranteed free of mites, mold, disease, and are heavily rooted.

Chi's strains combine premium medicinal quality, beautiful colors, and aromatic fragrances with complex genetic blends. A little something for all the senses while maintaining the highest quality for our patients.

Try Chi's fine line of edibles and redefine your edible experience. We provide San Diego's most potent, delicious, and above all, most consistent medicinal edibles. All packages clearly labeled with dosages in tamper-proof packaging.

Chi has made the task of choosing great quality strains easy for our patients by offering the best, most interesting, and complex strains being produced today.